Don't know what formation to use anymore...

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Hi everyone,

I recently switched playing FIFA 18 from PC to PS4. On PC I played with an Bundesliga team (3-4-1-2) and that played very well in my opinion, because everytime when I play weekend league I get in GOLD+. I decided to also play with an Bundesliga team with the same formation and settings. So far that got very bad, because I cannot even qualify for weekend league... Normally I qualify in my first try, but this time not. My team is sleeping on the field and I cannot make good attacks anymore like I used to do on PC. My attack and midfield is very broken.. defenders are doing great thankfully

Does anyone know a good OP formation?? I really would appreciate it if you have a futhead squad link. This was my team on PC:

Thank you!


  • Diggofesh
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    It’s harder on PS4...
  • Ishibum
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    Try 4222. Relatively effective against all the 41212121212 people
  • CoelieMoelie
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    @Diggofesh PC is harder in my opinion. People put all their life in FIFA there XD. Here I cannot qualify because of my team mixed by the 2mil teams of the opponents.. my team on ps4 is 40k worth
  • Diggofesh
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    I used to play on PC... easy gold1-elite2... on ps4 I haven‘t reached elite once so far
  • Socalj11
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    Depends on your team. PS4 is very competitive. There are lots of very good and experienced players. Running 3 in the back is not what I suggest. I run a 4312 with speedy front line and big, tough, and strong midfield on PS4. I would run right by your mids and outnumber your back 3 rather easily. I would score on that formation pretty easily. Think about changing to a back 4 style formation. Besides that it depends on who is on your team and which formation best fits the players. Trade and buy as you need to form a 4 back team
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