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This will be a tag-team draft, where you will be randomly paired with another drafter. You have to discuss each player you pick and work together to get the best team possible.

A random footballer ( player X) will be selected to kick us off. Team 1 will have to pick a player who was a teammate of player X. Now, this can be in international or club football and they must have shared minutes on the pitch at the same time. Team 2 will then pick a player who was a teammate of whoever Team 1 picked. Team 3 a player who was a teammate of Team 2's player and so on.

Finally, rather than everyone voting on the best defence, midfield, attack etc. When all of the teams are complete, there will be a draw. Each team will face an opponent in a knockout. Each drafter will then vote on every knockout matchup, other than the match involving their team.

If your team gets more votes than your opposition, you can then steal one player from them to boost your lineup.
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