FIFA 18 Online Career Mode

Hi guys, I'm going to do a Fifa online career mode for PS4 players that are looking for a fun and competitive way to play Fifa.

How it works
Once you join, I'll add you to a list. After I've got enough people, I'll do an online randomiser to randomly pick teams that are from the premier league, Bundesliga, laLiga, Calcio A and Ligue 1. Once these are picked, they will be assigned to managers in order of the dates that they joined so if you join earlier you have a better chance to get a good team. Then once you have your team, you will be split off into four leagues with the better teams like Real Madrid in the top league and teams like Newcastle in the bottom. Promotion and relegationwill be in these leagues and in each of these four leagues, there will be one admin who runs everything and reports to me (This will be for people who volunteer). I'll set dates for transfer windows and I'll give you dates for games. Everything will run smoothly, I promise, I've already planned this whole thing out (it took me 3 hours to plan).

How do leagues work
Leagues will be sorted into dates. Every weekend there will be 3 league games. You will be given a date to play the your designated opponent and you must play them at any time during that day following the GMT +00:00 timezone. If you have messaged the person requesting to play and they have have aired it or just haven't been on, you can just message an admin and they will decide the outcome. At the end of every game, both players must send screenshots to your league admin confirming your scores and the table will be updated. At the end of the season, each team will be rewarded prize money based on their finishing position with the prizes getting lower down the table. But let's get this straight; the real prize is the bragging rights


  • How do cups work
    Cups work similar to league games except that they are played during the week and there will usually be 1 or 2 cup games a week. Like the league, each team will be rewarded prize money based on their progress.

    Transfer window?
    The transfer window is pretty simple, when this whole thing starts, you are free to splash cash and waste it however you wish to but just remember that the transfer window will close after the first 6 league games are completed. If you wanted to buy from another competing team, you would have to request what their PSN is, then message them and negotiate. If a price is agreed on, screenshot it and send it to the admin and it's officially confirmed. Also, if you wanted to buy a player outside The online career mode teams, you would just find their official career mode price and confirm it with the admin and it's a done deal! The only other thing that you need to know is that I'm including contracts to make this interesting. It's going to be £10K to give a player 1 match on their contract. So if I bought Ramsey, I would have to pay £270k to give him 27 games on his contract, simple! Just message the admin to confirm and he'll tell me and I'll put it on my transfers log that I prepared during that 3 hours of planning. Spend wisely!

    Nobody likes a cheat do they, well if you don't well there is good news, I made a punishment system! If somebody is cheating by using unauthorised players, then let us know by screen shooting it and sending it to an admin, we will take it from there. If a player is found to be cheating then here is the punishment system:
    Strike 1: 500K fine
    Strike 2: 5 Million fine
    Strike 3: 2 match default losses
    Strike 4: 4 match default losses and 2 million fine
    Strike 5: Removed

    How to sign up
    Either post below saying that you want to play or message me on PSN. My PSN: Xx_JMI_xX
    If you have any questions, let me know and I'll put it on this thread with an answer ASAP. I've worked very hard to plan this and I hope it pays off in one way or another.
  • I currently have 6/80 people playing
  • Xx_JMI_xX
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    I currently have 17/80 managers
  • I currently have 36/40 players spaces running out!!!
  • I know Im late but if it is possible i want a spot!
  • Is too late for me mate?
  • How can I play my email is [email protected] my ps4 username is media4military & princeofdanight
  • Kicoo
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  • If theres spaces im down to join?
  • has it been successful?
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