Just another complaint about how awful the pack weight is

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Basically stopped playing this game for about 2 months, thought I'd come back and do the Cultural Exchange SBC and Around the World one too.

Total packs: 2x Mega Pack, Premium Gold Players Pack, Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, Prime Gold Players Pack and Rare Players Pack - total pack worth is 205k...
The highest rated player I got was Rabiot... lmao I'll be waiting for the World Cup mode


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    I feel your pain as I had been opening so many packs for the last 2 months and got nothing. Similar amount to you actually. I had been moaning on the forums like a lot of people.

    Then I did this week's Marque match ups and the Ptg Sbc and I packed Aguero, Neymar. IF Valpi, 84 Kimmich in 5 packs.

    Keep going and something will turn up.
  • Williejno1
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    I’ve done 9 icon sbc every mm and countless other sbc including 3 full league sbc and not hit a player over 5k lol I can only remember even a few boards of useless 83-84 rated not even worth mentioning
    Total rip off
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