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PTG Goretzka

609 posts An Exciting Prospect
So I bought 3 of him for something like 200 k....

Pls kill me


  • Ballist1x
    2957 posts National Call-Up
    But you're already dead?
  • Clancy
    7761 posts League Winner
    And even more people are going to do the spring tradeable once they win Vela tonight (that's my plan at least)

    The Goretzka card was the best thing to come out of this ptg release. His IF was super overpriced, and is now a cheap beast once again
  • SuperJames9005
    1720 posts Play-Off Hero
    I bought his IF for 300k before they bring up this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ PTG out of nowhere and half my player price in a few days.
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