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I want to make some changes to my team, and it's always hard for me to part with some of my cards, but I, kind of, convinced myself I need to make some change.

Current team: (played in 4231)

Possibly new team:

Basically, it's Larsson(86) and OTW Salah for Crespo(85), inForm Jesus and inForm Firmino(87).

I really like Larsson, he's been good for me, but sometimes he can go in some sort of missing chances streak, but also, he can score some goals out of nowhere, I don't know, I just want to try something else, and Salah, I think his card is amazing, but I don't think I'm using him to his full potential, I play him as LCAM, in 4231, he is a constant threat for my opponents, but his goals and assists are not that high, I think this might not be the best formation and position for him, not sure anyway.

So, is it worth to try this change, I usually have a clear picture of what to do, but I'm kind of lost here, so I just need some incentive, I guess. :)

Also, maybe other striker suggestions, I'm open to all examples.


  • mdizzl3
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    How was Son at CM?
  • Anarki301
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    I play him at CAM, but I played a nif version as CM, at the beginning of the game, he was okay, scoring a lot of goals from that position, that is why I bought this inForm card. :)

    Still, I think he(84) is better at ST or maybe something on the left side of attack than strictly central CAM, at least for me ...
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