Suggestions for Fifa 19 - Game Modes, Gameplay and Visual Changes

I have been playing Fifa 18 a lot more in the last few weeks, trying to work out what I like about the game and what could be improved, I hereby would like to forward some suggestions to EA to improve next years game, this will range from game modes, visuals and gameplay. EA don't like to listen to us too much about the visuals, however I will leave my suggestions regardless

Game Modes
  • Indoor Mode - One game mode from a previous FIFA where we had indoor mode, this was where you could play a game, and there were walls around the pitch, meaning no throw ins or corners. This was a great addition and a good bit of fun to have with your mates.
  • FIFA Street - Self explanatory, if this could somehow be incorporated into the game as a small mode, FIFA street was a great bit of fun and again was great to play between mates trying to outdo each other with skill moves
  • Penalty/Freekick Competition - Would be good to select a Penalty or Freekick competition from the start menu, so rather than playing my friends in a game, we could have just a penalty or freekick competition

  • First Touch - Why has it gone? - One of my favourite additions of a FIFA game a few years ago was the addition of the first touch. When the ball was passed to your player, you could control the first touch of the player by using the right analogue stick and pointing it in the direction you wanted to control the ball with your first touch. This would enable you to sometimes beat the opponent with your first touch which could lead to shots on goal or going past your man to put a cross in, or even doing a nice turn in the middle of the park before passing the ball. Some of the more skillful players could stand out during the game with high first touch control stats and skillful turns by using slight pushes of the right analogue stick to move the ball.
  • Skill Animations - I would like to see some of the skill animations change, some of the skills are great, but the step over for instance is absolutely terrible. The actual stepover doesnt seem to happen until a while after pressing the relevant button sequence, and the animation takes so long to do it very rarely beats an opponent who seems to stand there and just take the ball off you. The stepover is probably the most used skill in all of football, and should be changed to be more effective/realistic and also quicker implemented after button press.
  • Skill Moves - I would also like to see more skill moves added that can beat an opponent whilst also adding more fun to the game. For instance the nutmeg should be in the game - we all know it! There should also be the run around where you knock the ball one side of the player and run the other side and go past him. These skills can be used to actually go past your man and beat them and would add greatly to the more skillful players on the game.
  • Skill Passes - By holding L2 and pass or through ball there are some skill passes you can do whilst playing the game, I would like to see a few more of these added to the game, so if the ball was high in the air and you pressed L2 and pass it might chest the ball to a player near them, or if it was mid height it could flick the ball with the heel scorpion kick style that some of the more skillful players can do. This way again some of the more skillful players in the game could stand out with some nice flicks and skill passes.
  • Long passes/lofted through balls - These need big work from EA in the game. Whilst watching a game of football there are so many diagonal cross field balls and lofted through balls, but in FIFA they never seem to be effective or come off to any satisfaction. The lofted through balls are still in the air for absolutely way too long and are so unrealistic. 9 times out of the 10 the defender recovers in time because the ball is either in the air for too long, or when the ball bounces it takes your player forever to get the ball under control, this is an area of the game where I feel EA need to seriously improve.
  • Audience Interaction/Noise - EA do a great job at times with crowd noise and chants that are added into the game, but I still feel this could be improved to give the gamer a better experience and make it feel more like a real game or like you were watching on TV. For instance, when the home team are attacking and get the ball down the wing, the crowd always gets noisy and excited and starts cheering their team on, in FIFA when you attack there is no noise from the crowd whatsoever until you score and they cheer and start chanting. It would be good if you could hear the crowd cheering you on when you get forward, or you could hear some applause when you put some good passes together or a good tackle or save is made. Even a couple of Oooh's from the crowd if the opposition keeper saves a shot or you hit the post. At the moment if you hit the post or bar there is virtually no reaction from the crowd, there is no replay, the commentator hardly mentions it, there is no animation of the player with his hands on his head eg and the same if you are attacking and the crowd is quiet.
  • Derbies - In addition to the above, it would be good to see more emphasis made on Derbies. The crowd are normally louder for derbies, the goals normally mean more with the whole team and crowd getting involved with celebrations, there are more boo's for the opposition if they foul a player or get booked for eg. It should bring the atmosphere of the derby to life a but more with more interaction from the crowd.
  • Speed/Strength Attributes - I would like to see more emphasis on these stats. For instance if a player is speedy, he should be running past a slow player with relative ease, and if a player has strong strength stats he should not be being easily barged off the ball and tackled. At the moment on FIFA these stats dont seem to have enough of an effect on the pitch, Fast players are quick but slow players can still keep up with them for large parts of the time, the only time the slowness seems evident in the player is when they are on the ball. There are also times when someone on your team with a lot of strength is shielding the ball, and a weak player can just walk up and barge the player out of the way and take the ball off with them with absolute ease.
  • Tactics/Players not sticking to positions - There are times when selecting my team, that I play a defensive midfielder to shield the defence, and then under the instructions of the player select do not go forward. Next thing i know, the ball is crossed in, headered to the very edge of the box and my defensive midfielder is steaming forward to strike the ball in. This is in complete contrast to the instructions and positions I have asked him to play and they should be staying back defensively.
  • Swapping Sides/Positions - One tactic I would like to see added to the game is the ability to select two players to swap positions during the game. Sometimes when you have two wingers who can play either side, during the game they swap positions every now and again and try their luck on the other side, or sometimes a winger might swap positions with a #10 for a short period of time, would be good if we could choose some players to alternate positions sometimes. Similar to how we selected the quick subs option on FIFA 18 which was a great addition
  • Player Runs - I still feel that the players do not move and make runs as they should, there are times when you are on the ball just waiting for the player to make the run into space so you can lay them in on goal, but it doesnt happen and you have to turn around and start again. I feel the AI movement of players could be improved, you should be able to see players dropping short and asking for the ball, players like De Bruyne and Silva who like to get on the ball, they should be moving towards the player on the ball and asking for it, whilst players like Sane should always be looking to get in behind and be making the runs.
  • Freekicks/Penalties - Sorry EA but these are still terrible. With penalties, I can hit my Penalty with the best power I can, and direction, but if the keeper guesses the right way he saves the penalty 99% of the time. When taking a penalty the power you hit the penalty with should have an effect, and also the height of the penalty as well, at the moment the keeper only got to guess the right way and they save the penalty. With freekicks they are still massively inconsistent, You can aim your freekick and power on one freekick and score, and then 5 mins later have a freekick in a similar position, use the same angle and power and the freekick goes nowhere near the goal. The aiming and curl is all over the place. Personally I would like the old freekick system brought back where you had an aiming circle and you put the circle where you wanted to hit the freekick, high or low, whichever corner you want, and then you have to adjust the power and curl by the press of the O button. This was a much better way to take the freekicks and also gave you greater options and varied ways of hitting the freekicks. There also doesnt seem to be much difference between the curling stats of players when taking freekicks, just the accuracy.
  • Fouls/AI Strength - Why do the computer AI get to completely man handle you and pull you back and trip you up but the ref never gives a foul? whilst the slightest touch you make on the computer AI seems to result in a freekick and yellow card. The computer AI seems to be awarded several freekicks, whilst I can go a full season in career mode only having taken 3 freekicks in a dangerous position. The computer AI also seems to have superhuman strength at times, making it impossible to win the ball back, There are times when i have tackled the AI 6 times yet they still have the ball, however the slightest touch on me by the computer AI and they have barged me off the ball and won the ball back, even when I am in control of a strong player, the strength and fouls/freekicks being awarded need a lot of work.
  • Strength of Oppositon - In further response to the above, can you tell me why in career mode, or exhibition mode, why is it harder to player a weak team than it is to player a good team. For instance in career mode as Manchester United, I can come up against Watford and have a real battle on my hands and win 2-1, yet I come up against Manchester City or Liverpool and I have won 4-0 or 5-0? It should be the other way around and it still baffles me at the moment why this happens.
  • Chipping the keeper - Similar to the lofted through balls, chipping the keeper also needs work, whether you are chipping the keeper from a distance the ball is in the air for way too long and rarely goes in before the keeper gets back or it goes over the bar, sometimes the keeper is so far off his line, chipping the keeper should be easy to score. This is also the same when you are in the box and the keeper is closing you down, we see in football all the time several strikers dink the ball slightly over the keeper as the keeper rushes down at their feet but at the moment the keeper just stands up 9 times out of 10 and stops you getting that cheeky finish. #
  • Tactics on corners - It would be good to set tactics on corners. This could mean you set your team up to defend corners zonal marking or man marking. Or you could set a tactic where you place the players where you want them to stand when attacking the corners. This means if you want to hit near post corners and have your team attack the nearpost then you are able to plan this as a tactic.

  • Player Models - I dont think I am alone in thinking the character models of players could do with a complete makeover. The players are very chunky and the same models have been used for a number of years now, even dating as far back as FIFA 11. In 8yrs I would expect a design change, and personally think the players could be re-designed and not as chunky/blocky.
  • Create A Player - There are several things I would like to see changed in the create a player mode, I will also list these below, I feel that some of these options would be a great addition to the game, whilst they may seem like small or petty changes, I think some of these would add a greater emphasis between identifying players whilst playing the game and making the players stand out so you know exactly who is on the ball:
    • Player faces - I would like better options to create a better face for players in the game. at the moment any player I create looks exactly the same
    • Hairstyles - The selection of hairstyles on the game is good, however I would like a few more realistic hairstyle choices. I would also like the opportunity to change the hairstyle of players already in the game, if your favourite player shaves his head it would be good to have the option to update the game/player with the new style.
    • Tattoo's - Tattoos were introduced this year for some of the top players in the game who have them, It would be good to have a selection of tattoo's to add to your create a player
    • Kit Styles - At the moment there are subtle changes that you can make to your create a player or edit player. Small, Standard or High socks, Short sleeves, long sleeves or undershirt, tape or no tape, and thats it. Players have different ways of wearing their kits which would help them stand out and be identified on the pitch. For instance, players like Ronaldo and Pogba wear long sleeve shirts, however the sleeves are pulled up to halfway on the forearm and wrist tape is worn by both. Some players pull their shorts right up, some have them down. Some players wear under shorts and some don't. The high socks on the players go right up under the shorts and make it look like the player is wearing leggings. All of these styles could be added/altered to the game to improve the visuals and identify players.
    • Winter Kit Styles - At the moment there is still a glitch with some of options in edit player, for example if you select gloves on a player, he wears them for every single game, even in the summer. They should only be worn during the winter months of season mode. Not only that but if you select long sleeves on your player, quite often when it rains the player is suddenly wearing short sleeves, just like the short sleeve players are now wearing long sleeves.
    • Boots - The selection of boots on FIFA is always good, however I would also like to see them add more boots if possible, as well as all the new boots that are always included it would be good if FIFA could add some old and classic boots, such as the old R9 vapours and old predator boots etc.
    • Edit Player Boots- One nice touch that I would also like to see introduced is to be able to change the kit style of players and boots for home/away/third kits. For example, If i wanted short sleeves and black boots for the home kit and long sleeves and white boots when the team wears the away strip.
    • Tape - The only option available for tape at the moment is one strip going across - some players wear a lot of tape around their shin, and some also wear white ankle socks over the top of the team socks.
    • Running Styles - One thing I noted that PES used to have was different running styles, players like Ronaldo and Messi have their own running style, Bale and Pogba too, having a couple of different running styles can help individualise the players and help them stand out.
    • Freekick/Penalty Styles - It would be good if freekick and running styles could be changed in the create a player or edit a player mode, so we can choose the style we want for the player.
    • Celebrations - There are a lot of celebrations on FIFA, but for me 90% of the celebrations are rubbish. They are all stupid dances, acrobatic flips, throwing yourself on the floor, and all of these celebrations whilst fun are not what you would see any player doing when scoring a goal. I would like to see a lot more realistic goal celebrations added to the game.
    • Edit Celebrations - Whilst editing a player, i would like the option to select up to 4 celebrations to that player, these could be activated by pressing a button. For example pressing X - does one trademark celebration, pressing O does a different trademark celebration etc. That way it is a lot easier selecting that players trademark celebration than pressing pause, finding it on the list, and pressing 5 buttons to do it. The other celebrations can still be triggered by pressing the buttons, however trademark or selected celebrations can be triggered by pressing one button.
    • Interactive/Manager Celebrations - One other addition to celebrations that would be good is to make them a bit more interactive. Having the whole team come over and celebrate the goal together for instance. This years addition of being able to celebrate with fans was great, and maybe another option could be to run towards to the bench and celebrate with the manager and bench.
    • Managers - Managers have been added to the game and allocated to teams, it would be good if we could edit these so if any manager was to be sacked and change teams we could just transfer that manager to that team, as the manager model is already loaded in the game. Whilst starting career mode and creating a manger the options are also severely limited, would be good if we could edit the manager appearance similar to how we do in edit player.

Anyway these are my suggestions, all of them wouldnt take a lot of work and would greatly improve the game in my opinion and im sure many others will agree, although some will not. I hope EA takes these on board for next year and I would also like to hear your thoughts on what you would/wouldnt agree with

This is my first post, please dont be too harsh haha


  • Nice and good post for the content.

    In addition some other issues I have noticed:

    1. The graphics in the gameplay are still very poor. Last night a shot hit the post and the hand of the keeper was at least 15 cm away from the ball but still a corner was given and the commentary said a fantastic save from the keeper. Headers are still flying in without even touching the head of the player. So this is still terrible and very low level. Could be a game from 2010 regarding graphics. And they were even better.

    2. Penalties are so predictable. There is an easy way of stopping them by just only looking at the face of the player where it is looking to. 9 out of 10 the penalty goes into the corner where he is looking, so don't watch the ball, only the player and take appropriate action.

    3. The interface (front-end) is still extremely slow. Processing a match completed still take 5-10 seconds, not even mentioning when you loose in the cup before you can continue. I have Fiber 500Mb duplex here so that will never be the bottleneck.

    4. The defending AI and attacking AI are not working together at all. You are blessed if your defenders are awake on any counter attack while you are having the ball in the opponent's half.

    5. Pay more attention to player faces from other competitions besides Spain, England, Germany (some teams only) and Italy (some teams only).

    6. And most important..... please do not let the script decide the outcome of a match. I have seen so many times that Spanish and english teams win in injury time with the last attack and that defenders have instant brain failure as they are not reacting at all properly.

    7. Spanish and english teams are by far overpowered for physics over any other team. Especially the backs (even Shaw, Rose, Valencia etc) are able to just push Higuain aside.... Well 93 kilos.... This is really ridiculous.

    I could add more but for the discussion this is part 1. And please do not try to discuss my experience as I have 4 accounts in Div1 and over 100 Cups this season already. And playing FUT all the time also.
    I am playing FIFA already since FIFA 96....
  • ManzGOTIT
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    You made too much sense for EA to actually listen
  • Thorpey8
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    Slow the gameplay down
    Improve player models
    Give us much better player ID
    Better Team ID
    Derby Atmosphere
    Ability to select crowd attendance
    Mix and match kits
    Serie A licence
    Choose from different commentary teams
    More face scans
    Much improved edit system like PES
  • The OP makes some great points. Unfortunately NOTHING will implemented, you know why? Because EA cant or wont improve the AI to make this game any sort of challenge (offline) and relies completely on all the stuff mentioned to give the illusion of 'difficulty'. They arent bugs or glitches, its deliberate game design and its disgraceful that all of the above have been in the game since the incredibly easy 09 edition as its easier to programme compared to actually improving the computer AI.

    Set the AI speed and acceleration sliders to the lowest level and try a few through balls or normal passes and watch as they wire straight to a motionless defender, watch your players run into static defenders (who dont move whilst your teammate rolls all over the pitch or your ppayer 'locks' behind them) or in to ridiculous offside positions. Seriously, it shows exactly how pathetic the AI is and how much it relies on handicapping the user team to create an illusion of difficulty.

  • Mem90
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    Pro Clubs does not get a big enough update, so i have added some minor changes which would help players such as myself who only buys the game for one game mode.

    Pro clubs updates:

    Add face scanner like in NBA.
    After the end of each season put the top goal scorer and most assists for that season.
    When you win a division make an award for the top goal scorer.
    Add these stats in the player stats such as: most headed goals, most right foot goals, most left foot goals, most penalty goals, most free kick goals, longest goals scored, assist ratio not just goal ratio, most goals in a game
    To be able to give CPU players specific instructions in the menus such as a CM to sit back ect.
    Make there more divisions.
    to be able to go in to a practice mode with your club team mates.
    For the commentator to recognize the top goal scorer for the club.
    To be able to add more stuff to customise
    To make it harder to build up bro and add more skill points and traits.
    To give fair ratings to defenders and midfielders.
    To be able to loan out squad members to be able to play for more than one club.
    To be able to edit the names and looks of each specific CPU.
    To be able to have set choices of how your player reacts to; missed chances from yourself and your team mates, fouls to yourself or when you foul someone, when you concede a goal, when you score an injury time goal, when you score a consolation goal.
    To have records of: longest winning streak, longest unbeaten run, most games without conceding, most goals in a game, highest scoring games. This way we can see the records of the club.
    To be able to choose if a CPU takes a set piece in the lobby.
    To have a clear and set page that shows the point system in the leader board rankings.
    Add monthly cup tournaments for the best teams.
    To be able to show the stats of the other team once the game if full time.
    To be able to just celebrate with custom players and not CPU's.
    To fix the glitch of the referee with pink arms ect.

    Please do put this forward towards EA.

    Thank you from all the Pro Clubs players.
  • Mem90
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    Skill games to be played live with your friends
  • MaldinisHeir
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    Great ideas on here but I feel that there are just so many basic things lacking in FIFA (and PES) that we just need ask again for basic fixes (not improvements, simply minimum standards for 2018).

    For example, in 2018 (unlike in 1998) the GK stands on his line and doesn't move. As a result of that in 2018 there are basic things that we never experience:

    a) scoring goals by going around the keeper;
    b) chipping an on rushing keeper;
    c) passing around an on rushing keeper;
    d) keepers being sent off;
    e) keeper being yellow carded;
    f) keepers being injured.

    There's no point, whatsoever, having a sub-keeper on the bench because the keeper will never get injured or red carded.

    In 2018 (unlike in 1998) we have to wonder if there'll be any fouls in a computer game that allegedly simulates football. Again no fouls means no cards, no suspensions, no opportunities to score free kicks or penalties. Basic stuff.

    In 2018 we still cannot decide how we want to set up set pieces for attacking and defending. Who knew it could be this difficult to let the human decide if they want a man on the post or both CBs to go forward?. In FIFA, in 2018, we cannot even decide who will take the throw ins so have to put up with the opposite side full back or the CF.

    In 2018 we don't seem to have basic things in a Career Mode like:

    a) basic ability to choose pre-season fixtures so that Yeovil Town doesn't have to play Real Madrid in some silly tournament;
    b) basic ability to hire coaches and physios;
    c) basic team and individual training rather than silly, unrealistic skills training that requires more work not less;
    d) basic youth team;
    e) a transfer market that is vaguely based on real life (where there are thousands of transfers as opposed to about 50 each window) and where clubs actually have to bid for players against other clubs;
    f) basic fatigue that requires a manager to rotate players;
    g) basic stuff like other teams changing managers or formations or something during the Career Mode.

    Despite all the basic things lacking in a computer game in 2018, we seem to have less and less freedom to edit to fix all of the basic errors in the games. So we are forced to accept basic errors like the total lack of transfers in Career Mode and cannot edit other teams after we've entered the "point of no return" in Career Mode.

    It's just embarrassing. It's embarrassing for EA, it's embarrassing for Konami, it's embarrassing for us who buy these games despite basic things missing. So if these basic things are lacking again in 2019 I will not be buying the game.
  • flcinusa
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    Default Presentation package - Change it, it's been the exact same since FIFA 14, it's bland AF.
  • GoonerSoldier
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    The only thing that needs to be addressed is TACTICAL DEFENDING. It has been the downfall of the series since Fifa12. Each year the game keeps getting worse and worse and worse and worse because of it... I'm not saying to get rid of it BUT it only works if the passing/shooting is set to manual or at the very least semi-auto... The balance of play has been off and EA has not been able to address this for years now.
  • silas1980
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    Cut out "dramatic moments" "funny old game" and less assisted gameplay.
  • Have Legends Career Mode where you pick a Legend or even a current manager to carry on their legacy as a manager, would be sinterested awesome.
  • ThommyAre
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    I would really appreciate some attention to the player models too. Its not the biggest issue in the game, sure, but it would really help it visually. Basically every player has the same body, with the only difference in height. How about proper bodyshapes, muscles etc
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