Double standards of ea

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This isn't a slight on deto at all before people get on their high horses but towards ea.

This pisses me right off.

He was hacked got the account back instantly and all his club contents within 24h

You or I have it happen we get **** all back how many times do we hear these stories of clubs taken for everything and the player just has to suck it up the best they will do is reinstate the club if it was deleted and more often than not that clubs empty of anything of value and I wouldn't hold your breath on getting anything but a couple of untradable gold packs back.

Not only that but it takes days not less than 24h,. Same with krasi earlier in the year.

Seriously why do these guys get preferential treatment over any other paying customer.


  • Jasteban93
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    They know better ways of complaining? Same way that you guys could. I'm just an average joe but I got my stuff back just as quickly. Might also depend on how busy the team that does it is. Maybe now their load is low. Why always assume the worst?
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    Usually the 'Fifa Celebs' or whatever you call them have good account security, so when they get hacked, they've clearly been legitimately hacked.

    When your average Joe gets 'hacked' it likely means he's been clicking on dodgy coin buying sites, has poor account security or is sharing his password out etc...

    This is just a guess as to why the fifa celebs get their stuff back easier, but they will also be of a higher priority to EA clearly.
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    Krasi guarantees several grand to EA anually.

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    Welcome to the real world
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