Could use some advice on which team to chose!

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Hi guys.

I've been moving my team around a bit lately and I am happy with it, but after all the posts about prime Larsson being great (and cheap) I was looking at other possibilities to fit him into my current squad, and I'm not sure which squad is the best one..

This is my current squad:

Prime MvB and Overmars are untradeable (and Promes too of course).

I am looking at these two options:


I know that the difference is minimal, but I'm still interested in some feedback whether I should change my current team, and if so which of the two new teams you would prefer!

I am open to other suggestions as well, but I do fancy all of the players in the current teams quite much, so it really has to be a game changer to switch some of the players around.

Besides the players in the team I probably have around 150k extra which I would be more than happy to put in the squad as well.

Would be great to get some advice! Thanks!


  • Advait
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    Neither if I'm honest

    442 is your best bet with those players and also, give up Bergkamp


    Be gold if you can do this
  • Pxul_
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    Stick to fortnite ;)
  • JorisDB
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    Pxul_ wrote: »
    Stick to fortnite ;)

    Haha don't worry mate, I will ;).

    Thanks Advait for your comment, Bergkamp is great for me (and I like the Dutch icons as I'm Dutch myself).. Will just keep my old team for now :).
  • Advait
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    Ok sure mate, enjoy
  • JohnDoe
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    Those squads are so **** it's unbelievable, have you ever managed to win a match with one of those?
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