Which is the better version of 4231?

And why? Looking to change from 41212 (2). Am a G3/G2 player in WL.

Any opinions/tips appriciated.


  • Crowie
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    Prefer the CAM version. Played the LM/RM version at start of 18 and while it’s very good for retention of ball I found the wide players sat quite deep even with player instructions.

    Sometimes switch to narrow from 41212(2) in WL if trying to hold a game. POTM Sane LAM and 84 Lozano RAM. Give them the instructions to “get into box for crosses”, not sure if that’s available to the LM/RM in wide version? Seems to keep them forward and does indeed get them into box.
  • Cheers. Dont have Sane but im sure i can find someone to go in there
  • Any other opinions?
  • OverLord
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    4411 is a more attacking version of 4231. Super fun to play with
  • mascherano16
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    I switched from 4321 to 4231 with CAM's and it helped me move from getting gold 3/2 to getting gold 1 consistently for 2 months, sometimes 2 wins shy of getting elite3

    I noticed the CDM's and wide CAM's tend to switch a lot ingame.
    Have yet to try out the version with RM/LM
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
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