Last night in Drop In

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Last night I decided I would subject myself to drop ins. Got through the first match that surprised the hell out of me. Nobody ball hogging, no 89 striker playing as a keeper.

Then the second game started off good then...High pressure spam... watching the opposition lose control of their players. It's disgusting that EA has continued to allow this to happen.

For gods sake fix it, and while your at it ACTUALLY FIX THE KICK OFF GOAL ABUSE. Nothing worse than watching the strikers pass through your l defense standing still like Liverpool through Newcastle.


  • ScorePlayer
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    Yes, it’s about time to fix the High Pressure glitch, happens all the time!
  • Beakerb
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    Either that or give us a way IN GAME to report it as it's happening...Not that EA would do anything to the people abusing the glitch.
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