Show us your player roles... jabroni

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Since I've moved in to more of a hybrid a few months ago, I've an EOE Pirlo shaped hole in my set piece arsenal. Now instead of Pirlo, there's an array of players stepping up to the plate.

Who's your man for the big occasion?

Left Corner: Prime Overmars
Right Corner: Prime Overmars
Left Short Free Kick: Pogba
Right Short Free Kick: Pogba
Long Free Kick: CR7
Penalties: CR7
Captain (very important): TOTY Bonucci

How does yours look?


  • JohnDoe
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    Why is the captain very important?
  • ICUP
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    Left Corner: Any left footed player
    Right Corner: Any Right footed player
    Left Short Free Kick: Any midfielder
    Right Short Free Kick: Any Midfielder
    Long Free Kick: Any Midfielder
    Penalties: Whoever is closer to hat-trick
    Captain (very important): Rui Costa
  • Thedudeabides
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    EOE Pirlo is on everything except long FK, that's saved for Roberto Carlos.
  • FootyFootyFootball
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    JohnDoe wrote: »
    Why is the captain very important?

    Because what's a team without it's captain? To lead, to set an example, to scream at Florenzi when he simply refuses to defend. What role could be more important?
  • Lackosweat
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    ICUP wrote: »
    Left Corner: Alessandrini
    Right Corner: Lozano
    Left Short Free Kick: Bakayoko
    Right Short Free Kick: Bakayoko
    Long Free Kick: Bakayoko
    Penalties: Jesus
    Captain (very important): Bakayoko

  • HelloDearie
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    Left Corner: Pirlo
    Right Corner: Pirlo
    Left Short Free Kick: Jay-Jay
    Right Short Free Kick: Jay-Jay
    Long Free Kick: Pirlo
    Penalties: ADP
    Captain (very important): Jay-Jay (for the Bolton memories)
  • NornIron
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    Left corner- Kimmich
    Right Corner- Telles
    Short Free kick- Neymar
    Long free kick- Naldo - Van Basten
    Pens- Van Basten
    Captain- Petit.
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