Ridiculous Stoppage Time counter.

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so at the first 7 games of WL i conceded 9 goals on stoppage time.

i decided to time the "stoppage time" of my last two games.

6th Game 6 subs > +3 mins > Real time 1.48 mins
7th Game 6 subs > +2 mins (!) > Real time 2 mins

That seems legit. 2 mins "stoppage time" for a 12 min-Match
equals to 15 in game minutes pro match.

Just ridiculous

Quick maths guys :D


  • Rossco160715
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    It’s brutal. I copied the other day that I was drawing 1-1 until the 90th minute then both defences collapsed.

    I won 4-2.

    4 goals scored in the 90th minute.
  • IxToMxI
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    Typical W/L mate thought I had a game wrapped up earlier at 2-1 with 12 mins to go, lost 3-2 still trying to work out how it happened before playing anymore games.

    Did hear the commentator say a phrase earlier I’ve never heard before when I won a game in the 88th minute.

    ‘That’s a fabulous late goal, in a competition that is renoun for its late goals’

    Guess EA worked dramatic moments in a little too much
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