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    I think the term pro is used too loosely nowadays. Dhtekkz is a pro player qualifiying with an average squad and winning it.

    Most of the people that qualified are pay2winners who spend mad money coupled with favourable matchmaking system that keeps the "pro" player status quo intact.

    Surely a "pro" (professional) is someone who earns money from playing the game. One assumes someone is prepared to pay them money as they are very good at the game (whatever that entails). Sure, there will others, equally good, who want to follow a different path in life to earn their crust and who are not pros but I think you can be pretty certain those who are being paid to play are some of the best out there.

    Think about how many dhtekkz are out there in the world but cnt compete against the toty cr7a and gullits. I wouldnt be suprised if huge gorilla sepnt anywhere between 5-10k on fifa 18 whilst people like nep have spent 15k so far.

    I wouldn't like to speculate about who spends what on this flawed game.

    If anyone is enthusiastic enough and puts in a bit of time they can have a team good enough to win at WL without having to spend a penny other than on the initial game itself. Up til now, trading hasn't been that difficult and is learnt quickly unless you can't be bothered and are, without wanting to be rude, a bit "slow".

    If you have talent at the game (and are good enough to beat the BS etc. etc.) you can also make a fortune in coins from SB and WL rewards. Anyone can, if they apply themselves, have a damn great team. As you said: " Dhtekkz is a pro player qualifiying with an average squad and winning it."

    I don't quite see your point about people buying FP.
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    It's the worst FIFA ever made
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