SIF Talisca or 87 Pogba ?

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Hey guys, I want to know whats your experience with these players. Feel like Pogba wasn't brought much to the team like he did in fifa 17.
I'm currently using 4-3-2-1 with Bakayoko anda Rui Costa in the middle, SIF Firmino, Neymar and POTM Salah.


  • Vinny1979
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    Talisca is v good
  • Thejuves
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    Heyvi have pogba with shadow as cm sometimes cdm in 4312 or 4231 ,im im the same boat even tho im gettin can today, so i was thinkin in sell pogba to help me found nesta cb and get talisca ,but to be honest pogba is a big part of my team and im scared to sell him lol im not a skillera so i dont mind about tesla but still i feel his so fast,strong and agile and tall.

    But im gonna buy tesla anyways today and try him so i will keep u update ,rui costa as cdm? I guess u like to suffer lol if i were u i will get a true high /high cdm
  • Notformeclive
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    Talisca and switch Bakayoko for Upgraded (or Futmus if you have it) Fabinho.
  • C0YBIG67
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    had both and used both for over 200 games, and liked both

    pogba without a doubt.

    talisca is very good however pogba has everything. strength - power - long shots - height 5star skills.

  • GrinWithoutaKat
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    Pogba is probably better, but Talisca is far better value.
  • XMike4
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    @Thejuves I use Bakayoko as cdm, Rui and Pogba as CM lol
  • Thejuves
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    XMike4 wrote: »
    @Thejuves I use Bakayoko as cdm, Rui and Pogba as CM lol

    Oh okay bro is just that u said 4321, there is no cdm spot on that formation.. unless im wrong i think is 3 cms
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