lost interest in all of it now

anyone else with me !!!


  • dylanmx
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    Yeah, except I lost interest when the first patch was released.
  • i actually agree !! i like the game i bought !!! i was scoring goals and plenty of them now its just a head & tails who wins
  • tilen11
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    cant say i lost interest in the game.. lost interest in being competitive. Now im mostly playing to have fun, trying different players and that helps tbh
  • Sell up and buy packs then

    Or are you just venting?
  • Sell up and buy packs then

    Or are you just venting?

    you would have to be very thick to do that - ill keep my messi ty

  • Yeah there already..
    I used to play it for fun.. it isn’t even fun anymore..
    I played SB last night and all 4games I was trying to crack down PTB AI.. then something random happens for me to lose the ball and AI is counter attacking with kick and run..
  • brA
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    Im just trying to accept how it is, and get some fun out of it to be honest. Big dudes up front, and crossing for days.
    Actually quite hilarious to see how some opponents have no idea how to defend against it.
    Im in division two atm.
  • what i have realised is - it doesn't matter whose in nets .. if your due to lose then thats it ... i played a guy earlier must have had 40 shots each time the goalie saved .. they have 2 shots both in.. the game is simply pathetic and you just shake your head each game
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