Finished WL in one day

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Im at that point of the game where I couldnt care less how many wins I get. The way I was addicted is no more lol, didnt play for 3-4 weeks or so.
Decided to play another WL to see what Ive missed these weeks. I mostly play 15-20games max. But still the game is full with these first min formation swap noobies. Decided to quit every game vs them ( got way to many contracts and like I said, couldnt care less any more, I just want to play the game.) .
Got to 8 wins in 10matches and Ive got no more matches left haha. 30 of the 40games was vs some formation swap noobie. Damn this community, to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to make a team without bypassing the system :lol:


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    I don’t even see this as a big deal. Maybe you should go and play COD but no doubt you’d complain about people sniping you on there too. The bid issue in this game is dramatic moments, not formation changing.
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