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I want a second cd next to david luiz. How is if naldo? Or is nif silva or marquinhos better?


  • Thermae
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    Also suffering from the same dilemma! Following this post.....
  • dylanmx
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    He's great used him for a while and he was a beast.
  • fluffymnuffy
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    he's 6' 6"
  • MxM15
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    he's 6' 6"

    What do you mean? Good or bad in fifa 18 LOL
  • Mdx
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    Havent used him because of his workrates.
    High attack rate on a cb is a big no no.
  • Bavarian89
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    SIF Naldo is gret. Had him for like 100 games and then switched to IF Benatia because i wanted Nainggolan in my team. And for me SIF Naldo is better than Benatia.
  • pekkaa88
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    The **** is Luiz doing in your team? He is the worst CB/ST in the game
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    I was worried about SIF Naldo's work rates and lack of acceleration but he is awesome for me. He doesnt rush out of defence at all. Used him so i could get SIF Telles at LB and i have him next to Boateng. It is my favourite CB pairing so far.
  • Tennster10
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    Following this. Want to build a brazil team
  • Sumitro
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    I have never used Naldo but I suppose Ginter is much better. When using Shadow, Ginter’s Defending becomes 99, and he is 188cm with M/M workrate
  • bberger
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    Depends on how you like to use him and the players around him.

    Had his SIF in a 4atb with Boateng and he was a disgrace. Always pushed up too much and left gaps between him and Boateng.

    - paired with another H/M in a 4atb he's bossing it if you don't sit back.
    - as a central CB in a 3atb or 5atb he is just perfect! Best CCB out there hands down. He ALWAYS is exactly where he should be. Just a little bit iñ front of the other 2 CBs filling the gap between the CMs and CBs. Wouldn't trade him for the world there.
  • CtldChaos
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    pekkaa88 wrote: »
    The **** is Luiz doing in your team? He is the worst CB/ST in the game

    This. Tried him for 3 games so I could get SIF Telles in there.... as good as Telles is Luiz is a major liability back there.
  • MxM15
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    Who from the brazil cb’s would you choose over luiz then?
  • Persevere80
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    I bought him during lunar New year and have rotated him between ginter and boateng. I'm considering selling him. Can anyone say if his price has went up due to a possible upgrade?
  • Krislar
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    Never used him, was looking at him but his jumping put me off, can't remember the figure but it's shockingly low.. Had visions of him being glued to the floor during any crosses in to the box...

    Not sure if it even matter in game though being 6'6"
  • Hive
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    Naldo SIF, Luiz and Thiago Silva are all great Brazilian CB's. Once Marquinhos gets an IF, he'll be right up there as well, I imagine. His NIF is pretty good as is.
  • Nessy
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    I have SIF next to David Luiz.
    Great pairing when Luiz stays back.
    Gone to Silva today to see how he works.
    Failing that will go for an icon.
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