Can I get the game I actually bought

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He guys my PS4 just recently stopped playing discs in thinking of upgrading it to the PS4 pro anyway but what I was thinking is if I buy a new console my Fifa is a download if I re download it will it auto update to the recent one or can I play the day one version which was actually a great game minus op passing and no gks so is this a option


  • Notformeclive
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    Unfortunately not, you're right we should be able to play the game we bought, instead we are compelled to play this NFL/Ice Hockey mess they have replaced it with.
    Same every year.
  • Esaertz
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    I have the problem, that after I redownloaded fifa 18, i can play only with the 1.07 Patch. How can I fix the problem and get the 1.08 Patch?
  • dezy22
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    But surely if it’s a fresh console and I don’t connect online it will never be update or do disc come with update on them
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