Looking for a club- ST / CAM / CDM

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I am looking for a club who is friendly, passing style with giving importance to have fun rather than winning always. I am an average player with 90 rated ST, 91 rated CAM. Can also try to play CDM if needed. I am 33 years old.



  • villain1973uk
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    I’m starting a new club psn is villain1973uk
  • Astralprojectio
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    Hi check this:

    Ps4 UK/Europe.
    We are a DIV1 team with 8 people. Playing proclubs fifa for years already. We play in Liverpool FC kit / Anfield stadium.
    We mostly play in the evening around 21 uk time with 2/3 or 4 players. Weekends more.

    We are looking for a teamplayer:

    - PS4, Europe/UK
    - Experience on proclubs div1-2.
    - English language with headset for party
    - Players that play at least a few times a week.
    - Position: CDM or CB, midfielder or defender

    Let me know if u are interested. Give some info you can trial with us.
  • Ertrko
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    Astral projectio thanks for the invite but if you folks do not log earlier than 21:00 UK time, i may have a difficulty to catch you due to the time zone difference
  • mellow619
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    Add me Mellowout760 div 3 club no any. In US.
  • Add OrionsThree. Chill club that plays for fun
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