That draft win reward

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EA being generous

Two rare gold packs and a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ premium gold pack iirc


  • Kalhead
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    Last 3 drafts I've won I haven't got so much as a rare players pack. Feels like the weight on the rewards has downshifted massively - barely making money on it right now.
  • RandomLhama83
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    lol for the last 3 WLs i have opened 10+ rare Megas and Rare Players Packs....

    Value of about 100$$ or more all together if you were to spend money on the game.

    Discards worthless cards in every single pack. I talk to an ea Rep about it on live chat, he promised me ea would make this better and find a solution. The next messaged i receive was Please post on the ""ea forums"" your problem as the solution. I could not believe my eyes.... this is how this company treats there loyal customers? on one minute they tell you they will make it all better, the next minute there trying to get rid of you. I ended the chat after that and thanked the rep for waisting my time yet some more. This will for sure be the last fifa i ever touch. Thank god for fortnite. What a sad company we are dealing with here.
  • BigBuffalo
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    Well that is 57.5k worth of packs for 15k if you think about it, but rare packs are the biggest fraud of all of them, they are not worth 15k let alone 25, I never get much in them.

    Why can’t we get coins more frequently, such as 15k plus some packs as maybe the worse possible reward, and also other pack variants like prime player packs etc.

    If you ask me they’ve been lazy with draft this year, they could have made some changes to make it slightly different and more entertaining cos that’s all I play on UT this year
  • tilen11
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    Well at least you got rare gold packs.
    Won my draft couple hours ago, got 2 premium gold packs, jumbo premium gold and a gold players pack :joy:

    Sure I packed Boateng and Pique in the same jumbo premium gold pack 3 months ago but have 47 draft entries and won at least 25 times. So ive deserved that duo :joy:

    Overall packs for winning are garbage.
  • o ShifTyZz o
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    I've disconnected in my last two draft finals and the draft token request says im not eligible for a free token ffs
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