How much data does an online match cost me?


I am currently living on a camping somewhere in Holland without WiFi... The only way for me to connect my PS4 to the internet will be to make use of a hotspot on my iPhone. Since I just bought FIFA 18 a few days ago, I really want to try the game online, but i'm wondering how much data it will cost me approximately. Can anybody tell?



  • NLocco
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    Not much.About 20 mb for one hour.
  • SuPeRz
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    Cell phone hotspot for fifa is a bad idea. While it shouldn’t use much data, the lag would make your experience a terrible one.
  • FifaSlider
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    I've got great internet and it's virtually unplayable at times due to lag. Tethering off a cell phone? Good luck but I don't think that's worth the stress.
  • I tried last night. It costed me approximately 30 MB to play online for one hour on 4G network without any lags. :)
  • hmm , what about the other guy though... there has to be some latency brought about when you do this.
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