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Hello everyone. My name is Joel Doonan and I am a Live Producer on the FIFA Live Team.

We wanted to provide some clarity around the two progression systems for your Virtual Pro in FIFA 18 Pro Clubs to resolve any confusion over how the two systems work and which modes can provide progression to your Virtual Pro.

Virtual Pro Experience

Can Be Earned In: Drop-In Matches, League Matches, Cup Matches

Your Virtual Pro earns experience (XP) after completing an applicable match. The base amount of XP earned is determined by their match rating, while bonus XP can be earned by completing specific actions within a match. Earning XP increases your Virtual Pro’s attributes and their overall rating.

Base Match XP

Base Match XP provides a number of XP points to your Virtual Pro based on the match rating that was earned by your Virtual Pro during the match. Each match rating, from 0.0 to 10.0 provides a specific number of XP points. Those XP points are than assigned to each of the Virtual Pros attributes, based on whether that attribute is considered a Primary, Secondary or Tertiary attribute for that position. Primary attributes gain 100% of the XP points awarded based on the match rating, while Secondary (70%) and Tertiary (30%) gain less XP.

For example, let’s say that your Virtual Pro earned a match rating of 8.0, which provides him with 1,100 Base Match XP. That means that all Primary attributes would gain 1,100 Base Match XP, all Secondary attributes would gain 770 Base Match XP and all Tertiary attributes would gain 330 Base Match XP.

Bonus XP

You Virtual Pro can earn Bonus XP in a match by completing specific actions. Bonus XP works differently than Base Match XP, as it is applied only to specific attributes, based on the type of action that was completed by your Virtual Pro in the match.

For example, let’s say that you score a goal with your Virtual Pro from outside the box. That would provide 50 Bonus XP to your Virtual Pro’s Long Shots attribute and 20 Bonus XP to your Virtual Pro’s Shot Power attribute.

XP Growth / Cap

Each attribute can be grown using Base Match XP or Bonus XP until it hits the attribute cap. How high an attribute can grow from XP is determined by a combination of the Virtual Pro’s position, height and weight. Once an attribute has reached its cap, the only way to increase it further would be to purchase Traits, using Skill Points, as detailed below.
Skill Points / Traits

Can Be Earned In: League Matches, Cup Matches

Your Virtual Pro starts with 15 Skill Points and can continue to earn Skill Points by playing applicable matches. Skill Points are used to purchase Traits to improve your Virtual Pro.

Skill Points

Players primarily earn Skill Points by completing applicable matches. Your Virtual Pro can have up to 110 Skill Points, 95 of which can be earned from playing matches, while the other 15 are available following the initial creation of your Virtual Pro.

For the 95 points that are earned by playing matches, they are rewarded to the Virtual Pro after playing certain matches. The table below shows when Skill Points are earned by the Virtual Pro when playing applicable matches.


For example, let’s say that a Virtual Pro completes his 10th applicable Pro Clubs match. It would have the 15 Skill Points that were available following Virtual Pro Creation, it would have 14 Skill Points awarded from previously completed matches, and would now have an additional 5 Skill Points available from completing the 10th applicable match.

After completing 100 applicable matches with your Virtual Pro, you will no longer be able to earn additional Skill Points.


Traits can be purchased using Skill Points that have been earned by the Virtual Pro. Purchasing some traits will allow for your Virtual Pro’s attributes to increase beyond what can be earned through XP.


We hope that the above helps to answer the questions that you may have had about how the progression system within Pro Clubs works.

Thanks to those who’ve provided feedback. Throughout the course of the FIFA 18 season we'll provide you with more information and updates if and when they become available.

The FIFA Team
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