1 team or 2 for weekend league?

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I'm currently only playing SB as my internet is terrible but that is being fixed in the next week or so. I'll be looking to get back into playing the weekend league. I currently have 2 teams so I don't have to worry about fitness, as it's only AI I can get away with one decent team & one poorer one.

I like the bundes team but all of the big/IF players in the BPL one are untradeable (Salah, Ederson, Mkhy, Ake, Walker)



I have around 20K & about 50K in other players I could sell off. I also have SIF Talisca, IF Zuber, IF Lozano that I use as subs.

So would you stick with these 2 with a few tweaks or build one big team? Any suggestions welcome.


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