My new platform would be... FIFA 19 wagers!

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Home and away leg aggregate system.

I start a wager for a coin prize of my choosing, Could be 10k meaning a prize pool of 20k once my opponent accepts or for the heavy hitters 500k meaning a prize pool of 1Mill, Winner takes home the prize in this heads up battle.

You could also do it with 4 teams like the group stage of the champions league with 6 games played home and away, Pay out 1st as 60% of prize pool 2nd 30% and 3rd 10%, Or make top 2 play off heads up for total prize pool.

Pink slips is another thing I'd consider, I put up a player and my opponent matches that with a player of equal value, You win you get both players.

In my head it sounds pretty awesome, Can only be done if no loss glitches are extinct.


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