Connection to server issue Div 6 FUT online

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Since FIFA 17 and now into FIFA 18 FUT online I’ve had a really frustrating issue with getting disconnected from the server when getting to Div 6 - making it awkward to get out of.

I go through Div 10,9,8,7 with no issue at all and then for some reason Div 6 comes round and I always start getting disconnected and it defaults as a loss.

After the latest patch I couldn’t believe my luck as had no disconnects at all so went up from Div 6, went through Div 5 and into Div 4. Got to within one point of Div 3 and messed up. As I’m not the greatest after this I then gradually went back to Div 6 after a few more seasons but with no disconnects. After hitting Div 6 again my first 5 games all disconnected!!! So ended up in Div 7. Same pattern, went straight back up with no disconnects and now it’s disconnecting again in Div 6.

As if this game wast frustrating enough as it is at times. Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be? Do different divisions go to different servers for example?
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