Big change needed

There's a need for massive change on pro clubs. From top to bottom.

The game play is so unbelievably sloppy, players not running to the ball, strange controlling habits at times and all sorts of other madness. It's difficult to play because of this.

Secondly, there should be a token system in place to allow clubs to purchase better Al players, maybe something along the lines of skill points in ULT Team, where you earn more tokens by playing better, bonuses for trophies won as well. Al players are currently shocking, half of them wouldn't get into my local team's reserves.

Another issue is that you cannot make substitutions. Why? I don't know. Why the game has gone on like this for so long I do not know, it's such a simple feature to add in.

Maybe it's down to the focus on having injuries for players when it doesn't do anything, I mean, you don't have to come off and they're not carried on from game to game, really pointless feature.

Tactics should be more in depth, like career mode where you can edit individuals' instructions. It's also farcical that you have 2 defenders back on attacking corners which leaves you vulnerable everytime you don't win the ball from a corner.

If it's down to the fact pro clubs makes no additional money maybe FIFA could introduce packs, for example a stadium pack you unlock for your club, token packs to give you funds for your team. To counteract anyone just purchasing a crazily good Al side, limit tokens to so many per club.

This game mode is my favourite but it could be so much better, it seems to be forgotten by the makers of the game and it's sad.


  • PwnApe
    143 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Fix the high pressure glitch, fair play matters
  • lll GUVNOR lll
    16 posts Last Pick at the Park
    scripting needs to go, if your bad you lose

    only then is it fair
  • Henning32
    64 posts Park Captain
    Great Ideas.

    I would be great with some sort of way to earn exp to the club so you can purchase or upgrade AI's
    Or even purchase real life players i'm not saying you should be able to purchase 85+ players but it would be great and maybe it would also prevent people from deleting their club and recreate them all the time. There needs to be some sort of reward system, so the game mode doesn't get too generic and too much of a grind.

    I like the way they did it back in FIFA 09 where all AI where real life players from the team you picked and all overalls was adjusted to 85 overall.

    Lets realize only the fewest of clubs can manage to get more than 4 people online the majority play 3-4 together that is just the most ideal. Of course people that play 4+ together should be rewarded, but the way it is now its really unfair and gameplay breaking. The AI players are extremely slow and has no technique what so ever.
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