Question for 4231(1) users

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Just wondering do your wide cams get involved in the play much? I've had bale and IF Muriel at LCAM and RCAM for the last 7 games, theyve got a combined 0 goals and 5 assists.


  • Il THE WOLF lI
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    Slow buildup, lots of passing and using LB
  • BagelBlue
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    I will give slow build up a try, i feel like i'm rushing my play which isnt leaving me many options up top
  • SK1991
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    when i switch to this a fair few of my goals actually come from my wide cams.
  • SebCFC123
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    They’re involved but don’t score that much
  • DaveSaves
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    I found them to be filler really, so don’t spend fortunes. But at the same time when they get a chance you want it buried.
  • dylwms
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    I played 4231 up until the last patch then something changed and I hated it
  • Yusuf11
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    If you are a fast paced player or even a counter attacking one. You can't really use that formation. I went back to 41212 (2)
  • SergiuLive
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    They do get involved for me though. But they take care of both defensive and offensive duties.
    They are sometimes winges, sometimes fullbacks (if I go on attack with the fullbacks) sometimes change place with the CDMs
    But as you said they don't get involved with assists/goals much. IF Bale and TOTY Kane work great there for me. Nainggolan also works as RAM if I need a sub. But this last weekend I used SIF Firmino and he is also great there.

    CAM and striker are untradeables Prime Del Piero and Henry so I do splash lots on those positions.
  • BagelBlue
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    I'll stick with it, i was an avid 442 user pre-patch but just cant seem to get on with it post-patch so turned to 4231
  • SergiuLive
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    I would have thought that with the narrower and more compact defense after the patch people would go wider.
    I would switch to the wider variation or even the 4411, but that will leave Del Piero too isolated at CAM/CF
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