Opinion needed.

For those who have used them ...

Pogba SIF ... or Prime Rijkaard + Prime Rio

Urgently need 2nd CDM.



  • Enigma8784
    1823 posts Play-Off Hero
    Prime Rio is great and used Rijkaard loan and he has been good, not Blanc good but grown on me.

    Not used Pogba though so can’t compare directly
  • used them all - rijkaard was bad !!! really bad.. petit for me & if i had the coins Vieria again
  • Well i did Rijkaard and Rio for 1.4 mil last night.

    Rio is truly godly while Rijkaard is very good with Catalyst plus gives me green link with SBC promes and at the end i am gonna use him until Prime Gullit SBC comes out than i'll put him in that SBC.

    Thanks for replys mates.
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