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Prime petit X Prime Rijkaard

362 posts Sunday League Hero
Prime Petit worth the diference of price?


  • CtldChaos
    2205 posts Fans' Favourite
    He is an absolute BEAST in the CDM. Have not use Rijkaard, so cannot compare, but he is worth every nickel. Big, Fast, Aggressive, etc. I have had him in a 41212 Narrow and a 4222 with 85 Blanc. He is where good attacks go to die.
  • ez1907
    833 posts Semi-Pro
    I dont know Rijkaard,but I play Prime Petit at CM and honestly im a bit dissapointed.(cant put him at cdm because Prime Vieira is there)

    When i had faced him,his presence on the field and pressure against me was amazing,so i completed his sbc,

    After 100+games with him i noticed that NIF Nainggolan was doing the same job defensive-wise and also he was much better than Prime Petit at attacking,imo.
  • Hetenteen
    305 posts Sunday League Hero
    haven't played with petit but I did the rijkaard sbc and I'm a huge fan of him! will always use him in every squad i make!
  • FatZed
    889 posts Semi-Pro
    Petit better CM (LCM) than CDM but will still do a great job there. Let him bomb up and down winning balls, chasing attackers and breaking up play by mowing people down. Good going forward too, decent passing and wicked across goal mid - long range shooting. Felt a better play once I put a shadow card on him
  • WFCBagnall
    75530 posts Moderator
    Rijkaard is much better.
  • Pauldejong6
    7306 posts Big Money Move
    Rijkaard hands down.
  • 47goonz
    878 posts Semi-Pro
    I even liked the Rijkaard 86 card but boy oh boy Primeo is different gravy what a player
  • DSmith
    817 posts Semi-Pro
    Did the loan Rikjaard and thought he was really good but for me he doesn't come close to Prime Petit. Played them both as CDM (4222) with shadow. It feels like you have a Petit in defense, midfield and attack, the guy is everywhere. That long shot too wow.

    After using Rijkaard I've gone back to Futmas Fabinho as they have similar stats and although Rijkaard is better there's not that much in it to justify the outlay.
  • veltok
    362 posts Sunday League Hero
    Decided to do Prime Petit cost me around 750k PS4 and he's amazing... made some games with Loan Rijkaard and comparing Petit feels better in various aspects.
  • Lcfc
    2490 posts Fans' Favourite
    I have both and both r outstanding
    This fifia is all about power and strength. Hence y bakayogo is used so much. So these 2 work perfectly
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