Upgrade in CM/CDM

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Hello guys!
This is my squad: https://www.futbin.com/18/squad/1223016 . I often switch to 4-2-1-2-1(2) with:
ST: Dembele - Ronaldo
CAM: Ben Yedder
CM: Modric - Costa
CDM: Bakayoko
I have 3 icons and some spare coins for upgrading Costa to Gullit eventually when they release it's prime version. Also think to buy Ramos instead of Varane on Lunar New Year. For attacking upgrade I'm waiting to see the La Liga player (whether it's Griezmann, Bale or someone like that). So the next spot of upgrade I see is Bakayoko. I thought on Pogba as I have used him several times this year but first at all I don't see him much better for the price and second if I switch formation I don't see him playing CDM. I don't like Kante as he is short. Also if I buy Vieira will need to wait to generate coins for Gullit. Don't know what to do so any help will be appreciated.


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