Anyone else think special cards should be more tailored to the player performance?

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Every single inform ea just bump up every stat by a certain amount which leads to a bunch of cards all of whom have 90 everything come the end of the year and I feel like no cards are really special anymore. Anyone else think informs etc should have attribute increases that are much more relevant to what the player did to get the inform, giving increases that don't necessarily have to correspond to future special cards of the player? For instance, if a 3* WF player scores 2 goals on his weaker foot his inform card can have a 4/5* WF, but then his next one after that could be a 3* again. I just feel like doing this would make the game so much less bland and I feel it would make teams more unique


  • LiamSully
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    Of course, yes, they should do it like that

    But, no, they won’t cause they’re too lazy
  • limjitwe
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    I think it’s a great idea. Gives more variation to the prices and also doesn’t make a IF less valuable then a SIF.
  • potato_hater
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    I used to think IF's were like that when i first played UT
  • GetDefoeKuyt
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    100% if a guy gets an IF for a hatrick of assists there is no need to upgrade the shooting as much as the passing
  • JamieT96
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    LiamSully wrote: »
    Of course, yes, they should do it like that

    But, no, they won’t cause they’re too lazy

    Yep, this.
  • Mini_Miudo
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    It would be cool, probably won't ever happen.

    Although, I have to say, with **** icons in the game, massively boosted IFs are my only hope. lol
  • Fatmanc
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    Would have to have a set few that get boosted auto like aggression and stamina.

    Maybe just change what gets big boost like u say scores = shooting upgrade, assists = passing etc etc
  • JamieT96
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    The main issue with this is nearly every TOTW is in it because they've scored so unless EA start giving informs based on performance everyone's just gonna have upped shooting.
  • TopCat
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    It actually was this way in FIFA 11. Massive upgrades in shooting, heading etc depending on what they did for the IF. Got progressively worse. Progress has been made this year on lower gold upgrades, which now get a decent boost.
  • TopCat
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    Biggest gripe is not upgrading stamina/composure enough to make some cards useable.
  • Jason1986
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    Nah I don't like it.

    Rather prefer the system in place now, far more simple. We'd also get players having stats nothing like their real life abilities (weak foot upgrades?! Nah).
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