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Got home from being gone on a three day weekend and was nice and refreshed and thought "Let's do a DKT! I haven't played in three days and I kind of missed the game".

-- First guy quit out at the team screen - apparently because he didn't want to play my Serie A squad of IFs
-- Second guy I beat 4-2 from memory... decent game
-- Third guy reminded me why I hate the way the game is played
  • Team had Martial, Son, Bakayoko, Jesus, Bailly, etc...
  • Paused at the start to switch to a 41212(2)
  • Went up 1-0 and immediately started stalling in his own half
  • Went up 2-0 ... continued stalling
  • I brought it back to 2-2 at which point he actually started playing like he knew there was a goal at the other end
  • He scored with 20 minutes left to go up 3-2 (dabbed)
  • Pauses - immediately switches to 4-2-3-1 and parks the bus
  • Continues to stall around his own half and shield in corners

I am not sure I have seen someone try that hard in a while and it was in the quarter-final of a DKT... Now I remember why Squad Battles and NOT playing are better alternatives... LOL. Right before I went to sleep I downloaded Fortnite... will see what that's all about tonight I think.



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    What’s a DKT?
  • RParr94 wrote: »
    What’s a DKT?

    Wl qualification tournament
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    I used a Stade Brestois team [Ligue 2 side of all silvers with less than 80 pace] in one match of online friendlies.

    Played a first-minute formation changer with Hernandez, Lozano, Bakayoko, Martial.

    Dabbed and shushed me all game long. Against my silver team.
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    Tomb1302 wrote: »

    Dabbed and shushed me all game long. Against my silver team.

    LOL... I do have a silver team (Scottish League) and I probably enjoy beating teams with it more than I should. In a way it's a good safe zone for me... if I lose it should be expected and if I win it's a big upset. Perfect!

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    Don't know how its cine to this. Played a guy that formation changed from 4312 to 41212..kept the cam and strikers as they were :D so he could have started like that.

    Played another formation changer Who's team was called 'never give up' I went 2 up after 2 mins..guess what he did next.
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