How are the drafts this year? In terms of opponent style of play ...

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What type of opponent do you guys mostly face in drafts? More like DKT/WL style of play, you know, usually High Pressure, tackle fest, sliding and so on and PTB, counter style, or is it more like Seasons, where, most of the time, I find nice and relaxing matches, more open and not so serious?

I ask because I'm running out of consumables, I only play Seasons and I'm enjoying it very much, but, as you know, the rewards are not very inciting. I stopped doing SBC's and SB months ago, and slowly my consumable pile is decreasing, and, I kind of need to play another mode that has pack rewards and Draft seems like reasonable place to do that.

I also ask because I want to know is it P2P or dedicated servers for draft? I don't know, for me, it is much better connection in Seasons than on dedicated servers, well, not connection, but on those servers I think I'm always more away than my opponent and I suffer a lot, but in seasons I think is more fair.


  • pekkaa88
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    How the hell can you run out of consumables in this game??? :smiley:
  • Anarki301
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    Yeah, I know! :)

    Never had this problem before. Like I said, only play seasons for a couple of months, maybe more, I had thousand of contracts, but I'm now in double digits and seeing that trend, kind of figured I need to do something about it. I remember from FIFA 16, I never bought a consumable, only played Seasons and Drafts, so trying to do the same here, and back then, we didn't have SBC's and SB and WL.

    Actually I'm mostly interested in connection, is it on servers or direct for Draft, but it doesn't really matter that much. :)
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    You play the same type of people in every mode; ❤️❤️❤️❤️ clones.
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