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With the return of the champions league on Tuesday I thought I might be nice to do a h2h champions league tourney using the 32 top ranked teams at the current time
It'll be a fun tourney where Europes elite battle to be crowned the PS4 Champions League winner
If you want to take part feel free to pick a team
We can have a system where players can be swapped but only during the first 48 hours after the group stage draw
And if you want to pick a team that isn't in the top 32 then you can ask for them to be drafted in and the lowest ranked side left will be removed
As Accrington Stanley deserve their shot at Champions league glory

1.@AEsey- which ever is left- Monaco is now locked
2.@Demon_reborn - arsenal
3.@[email protected]!c - PSG
4.@Jambo1410 - The mighty Man United
5.@Springveldt - Barcelona
6.@xGeorgeSmithx - Manchester City
7.@rnmays - Bayern Munich
8.@Paquetesousa - Porto
9.@SidMeastro - Real Madrid
10.@Fuego - Napoli
11.@Carlton_Legend - Atletico Madrid
12.@MillsOnWheels - Leverkusen
13.@Krislar - Chelsea
14.@Crusher15 - Spurs
15.@malboy1996 - Schalke
16.@Pxul_ - Liverpool
17.@Heshamk93 - Zenit
18.@Chabraka1738 - AS Roma
19.@Forca-Barca - Juventus
20.@Danledge95 - Everton
21.@Bernardof107 - Dortmund
22.@Pepe Le DiLzZ - Sevilla
23.@Knienjo - Ajax
24.@fluffymnuffy - Lyon
25.@Richehb1 - Benfica
26.@Frecker - Shaktar
27.@Right - Sporting
28.@keyroy - AC Milan
29.@SyNation2 - Inter
30.@El.Diego - Valencia
31.@sco490 - Lazio
32.@Lobbers99 - Villarreal

For any of you that are confused about how transfers work this is a tutorial for how to apply them
(from fifa 16) but its still the same soet of thing

You can see on the customise tab on the fifa menus there is a transfer selection
That's how you make your transfers
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