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Hey everybody
To all players who suffered a loss when the opponent cheats - the game freeze and you get a loss because you dont have patience. Here is the secret - PATIENCE.
By my experience the cheat deactivates after 60-70 minutes, but most cheaters dont have patience and the game continue after 20 minutes.
I confirmed this with several cheaters trying this on me, I waited and figured it out. The game freezes for you and him. Check their seasons history, If they have lots of 0-3 wins, they cheat and you should report them. Have patience and the game will continue, cheaters have no skill, you will most likely win the match. I hope this will help for you all


  • Here is a comment from a player I spoke with, having played against a cheating player :

    «1st time my brother and I was playing together and we went 1-0 up after 2 mins and he tried mutual quitting, ended up 2-0 up then he luckily got it back 2-2 then paused it and it times out. We have seen it before also with these cheats where thry try a mutual quit. Thanks again mate, please feel free to post any or all of this. :)»

    Players will indeed kick the ball out and try to mutual quit, If you select Yes or No, my experience is that the game freezes. Dont push either Yes or No, just let the time run out and the game should continue again.
  • But the best solution is to put out the names of those who cheat, several of them ranked top 10 in seasons do indeed cheat. I have saved two names and avoid to play against them.
  • From my understanding that cheat you're talking about does not continue after 60 minutes. I have waited and waited well over 2 hours and nothing happened. And also the cheater has control over the menu because they don't resume right away unlike their opponent that wants to play right away and stupidly clicks resume. The trick is to not click resume right away.
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    Naxxzar , sadly, you are not allowed to post names.... according with this forum regulations.

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    Lo last time this happened to me where the screen got frozen I went out for a walk and when I came back to home I had a msg saying I got dc bc I wasnt moving any player, next time Ill just wait and kick his **** :)... **** these guys tho why even have the game if your not playing it, with the time they spend on doing this they would have improved already -.-
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    Playing weekend league and the game froze at halftime.... its been the same screen for 45 mins till now... Anyone knows what I can do to fix it without loosing this match?
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    No! And ea games DOES NOT CARE. I`m having the same issue every 2-3 days. The most annoying part is that even if you report the cheater ea does nothing. The same player that I reported is still playing and cheating. I also provided proof of cheating (recordings) and no one cares.
    Sorry to say this but this is the part when you realize you pay for something that you will never have. Common sense for customers. So next time when you want to buy the game, think twice.
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    I played a guy and he was using Real Madrid. I could tell something wasn’t right and the game felt too laggy. He was up 2-0 in the first 30mins, but I battled against the lag and dumbed down players to make it 2-2 before half time. I was then completely dominating the game and it was like he wasn’t expecting this to happen. I had got his number and knew I would go on to win the game as I was I. The ascendency. But all of a sudden I could see some error code appear on the screen? It was like he was imputing some sort of cheat into the game, and then the game just stopped and went back to main screen. No history of the game, no win, no
    Loss. No record that this game even took place. I assume this person has no losses and has various cheat codes to avoid losses. I don’t know why a game allows these types of codes and cheating play to exist and be allowed to work? EA, take this cheat behaviour out of the game for Fifa 19 so the dishonest players cannot win. It’s not right.
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    Jr-_-Sozzo ps4 make freeze every game. Number 9 in online seasons. **** EA
  • My solution; After 15 mins or so I sent them a message saying it was my last game anyway.... they quit about 5 mins later - I will do this straight away from now on. These people with no class, I feel for them. Hope it work for you people.
  • Happened to me today. Waited for an hour and the game resumed. Whooped them 4-0. Like Naxxzar says, patience is the key.
  • EA loves these little noobs lol
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    Could be that I misunderstood, but do you consider this is a normal behavior? To wait for hour(s) ?
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