88 kluivert users.

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Im indecisive between my current striker (85 crespo) or selling him and getting 88 kluivert. I play a 4231 and crespo just seems to get lost some games, not sure if its the m/m WR or the low strength, his so clinical though inside the box and agile so not sure if kluivert will feel like a downgrade or improve my attack? Thanks ;)


  • Scanjabi
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    I used Kluivert for over 500 games....by far my fav striker ... regretted selling him then I tried Crespo. He was good but kluivert was so much better. Can’t wait for his prime
  • HysxteriA
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    Improvement, huge huge improvement. Crespo is complete dog****!
  • Rucci
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    played both 86 kluivert > 88 :(
  • bigpokey24
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    i bought him yesterday my biggest purcahse in FUT 18 :smile: 592k 10 games 16 goals 4 assist.. Will be rocking him this WL...used him to breeze through both DKTs for this week.. I play the narrow 4231.. only issue now is who i use as CAM mertens or Jesus
  • GeorgeGervin
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    I love the 86 Kluivert as well. Don’t know what the difference is as there isn’t much in the stats
  • Lcfc
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    Best striker apart from Ronaldo
    Only way I will
    Get rid is if bale has a sbc card and if it’s a striker card. I need the link to promes
  • Yoshy
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    good to hear guys! Does the lack of balance affect him majorly?
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