Maradona... As Durham would say. Is he all that.

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Hi peeps,

I’ve got the 91 Maradona as he’s one of my heroes and at first he was amazing to play with or so I thought. Now it see,s I get the .... kicked out of me as soon as he’s on the ball and I don’t seem to have the necessary skills to get the most out of him.

I’ve not seen many pros playing with him and yet 94 Ronaldo gets used in nearly every squad.

I’m finding I’m not getting much change out of Maradona and wonder if selling him, losing around 100k, but picking up CR7, would be the game changer I’m looking for or is it just pie in the sky and if I suck with Maradona, I’ll suck with CR7?

What I’m really saying is pound for pound, is Mara worth 2.1 compared to CR7 1.9?



  • maradona not worth it imo, get cr7 he will be way more effective
  • Purplejacket
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    Comes down to the meta. Maradona is not a meta player, ie short and weak.
  • Scds
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    The only way of getting the most out of players like Maradona and messi is to be very skillful in dribbling, turning and reading your opponents defense. If you can't improve enough in these aspects, i think you would be better of with a stronger player like ronaldo for sure.
  • Drizzt
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    Hi all, thanks for the responses.

    I understand and I think it’s time to say goodbye to Maradona and welcome CR7.

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