Player speed question

Why my 99paced player run same speed as bronze 40 paced defender in SB? No fatigue since was after start of the game.


  • mdizzl3
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    AI get a boost depending on difficulty setting.
  • Truthurts
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    The patches tweaked the defence to make it overpowered. It is unrealistic but EA believes it will make for a better game.
  • AngryFUTplayer
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    If you ever played FIFA offline you can check that the different difficulty levels are essentially just rearranged sliders... the higher the difficulty the lower your sliders and higher for the CPU. Sprint speed, shot error etc... then you add in the stat boosts from chemistry styles, all of a sudden a 74 rated squad with 100 Chem plays like 2009 Barcelona
  • Ok, so if i gave 50paced player then will be much slower than 50paced ai defender? Ble
  • richo27
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    Bakayoko catches up Overmars now. lol
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