In-game issue or settings?

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So what I've been experiencing for awhile now is that my players get "stuck" while running after/to the ball. By "stuck" I mean that I am unable to change the direction, change player or anything to prevent MY player to do something else. Happends a lot when the ball is kicked where noone is, or when it gets deflected in some direct. This causing the player that I'm in controll, to run after the ball but I'm not able to change the direction.

For example. I have several players inside the penalty box while having my controlled player on the wing with the ball. Making a hard driven pass (or a normal pass) into the penalty hoping that one of them will be there to shoot towards the goal. Sometimes the ball gets deflected and bounces higher up the box, almost outside pen box and I want another player to receive it. But game won't allow me to change since it gets "stuck" with another player. In many cases I feel like other players are in a better position to score or receive the ball, but I'm unable to do anything about it and it is so frustrating. I've no idea why that is and it is not only in offensive, also in the def. Using my left stick, the LB, RB nothing works. Using "Air-balls" for setting regarding the auto change thingy.

Have you had this problem? How do I prevent this? It's soo frustrating.


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