Squad Battle Points difference between Platforms

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So noticed that there's a massive difference between the Squad Battle ranking tiersed on PC compared to PS4 and Xbox, whereas the two consoles are fairly close, on PC it's significantly higher. This isn't just in the Elite tiers, the Number 1 PS4 player for last week wouldn't even get into Top 20 on PC, the Number 1 Xbox player would barely get into top 50. It's not a one off either as you go through the weeks this is pretty consistent.

What is going on here? Are there still some sort of cheating/hack that top players can still exploit on PC? Although that seems unlikely as this wouldn't explain the much higher points across all tiers (unless 80% of all PC players are cheating). I would have assumed PS4 having the highest skill level with the bigger player base, are PC players actually that much better in SB?
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