Does the average Fut Player lack a brain cell or what ?

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So you're UP 2/3-0 in the 2nd half yet they still use PTB and most players on stay back, it's clear that the 41212 (2) is being rendered useless by 4231 but they won't make a tactical change and to top it off he's trying to pass the ball from the edge of his box into my half with driven passes but the 2 dm's are having a laugh intercepting it.

Now I'm not complaining because it makes my games a lot more easier but it's quite clear that the average FUT player doesn't actually think about what they're doing but instead mashing buttons and hoping for the best lol


  • Pointon27
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    I wouldn’t say 41212 (2) is useless, I used it prior to the patch as every man and his dog played narrow formations! I’d built my teams to match my formation and haven’t bothered changing them post patch!

    I’m still having success with it, although it’s early days, I’ve only played 2 WL games so far I’ve won both 3-0 player quit 1st half and 5-0. I can’t remember the last time I kept a clean sheet in previous WL. Still early days but I had similar in the DKT!

    Having said that I play a possession style of football which was quite the opposite to most who used the 41212 (2) it’s quite obvious 1 2’s have been nerfed but a lot of players fail to adapt and just go through the same motions! Most 41212 (2) players always kept their full backs on stay back and just did a driven pass to their strikers then spammed R1 X! Where as with me my full backs bombed on and account for roughly 30% of all oaks created!

    Loving this new patch!
  • Catenaccio_Milan
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    yeah 41212 with full backs attacking is actually very hard to play against however since most people have them on stay back it's just 1-2's between the st/cam making it easy to nullify completely and just dominate the possession
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    yes most are one dimensional so when youre 3-0 up its g_g

    i play 41212 (2) as base formation (dont swap at start) but have the fullbacks (sandro/valencia who are solid offensively) on balanced supporting attacks and both CMs get forward. its much different than 7 atb usual nonsense everyone stay back while attacking pinging driven passes from their box to the midfield
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