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CR7 rippin me a new ***hole in WL. Can’t contain him at all.

Formation is 4231

IF Son
Overmars Bergcamp coman
Bakayoko Tolisso
Alex Sandro David Luis Bailey Valencia
IF ederson

Default instructions & tactics

I’ve faced R7 2 in every 3 games and he’s punishing me. What would you do here


  • antonius
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    honestly depends on how the opponent plays... if they are a pace guy, sitting back to defend do the same, with regards to the overpowered cheat code that is ronaldo, just chop him down in midfield, foul the hell out of him and break down his attack, worked for me with the kickoff glitch and ronaldo
  • CtldChaos
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    Valencia is going to get bullied by him (and believe it or not often out run), Bailly will not be agile enough to handle him, David Luis will be over aggressive and miss, Tolisso will occasionally be able to handle him, Coman.... yeah not going to dignify that one.

    Defending Ronaldo is definitely a group effort and each member of your group has a problem that the other player can exploit. I have no general trouble defending him with 85 Blanc at CDM, Boateng, and Kimmich. Each of them has enough speed, enough physicality, and enough agility, both individually and in combination, to handle him (FYI: Prime Petit never hurt either). There is a reason TOTGS Kimmich is 150K for a RB, he is the closest thing to a Ronaldo stopper as you are going to find.
  • ICUP
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    No point, especially his TOTY card. Seems to be stronger than IF Koulibaly and can score a driven when off balance with his left foot.
  • the_boss_gurveer
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    hes unstoppable
  • letsfifa10
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    Valencia anchor stop him
  • the_boss_gurveer
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    OR get begovic in goal and let ronaldo shoot from outside the box.
    Big Bego won't disappoint.
  • TomNXT
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  • tzinc
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    keep fouling him until he gets injured otherwise sol LOLOLOL
  • MillsOnWheels
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    Get rid of Kingsley Conman. The guys a fraud!
  • Angy
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    He is actually unstoppable. Only option is to keep your space between u and him and then close him down when he tries to take a shot. Or as someone said above....hack him down with a sliding tackle everytime you get a chance.
  • Pacey3_16
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    Fabinho & slide tackle
  • mdizzl3
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    Wait for him to run into Baka. Trying to get the ball off him whilst running alongside is pretty unlikely
  • Dinksy
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    Break his leg
  • Viggo 007
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    Don't let him get away for a driven shot angle. Easier said than done
  • Stewie26
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    Snap him
  • MillsOnWheels
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  • RayS
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  • Carlos181
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    Never have an issue against him. It’s the Sonaldos I have a problem with.
  • Vezzo
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    Change Bailey to some CB imo.
  • Dazza3113
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    What version?
  • frankybreezy
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    ICON Baka. Slide that ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • SuperJames9005
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    No one can stop CR7 in this game and that's why his NIF is nearly 2millions all the time.
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