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Need help making a new fun team

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Hey guys

Just returned after a week in Hong Kong and two weeks in Thailand. Sold my team before leaving and sitting on 1,8 million + some decent untradeables such as Alaba, De Bruyne, Fut champs Pjanic 87, Vrsajlko etc.

Cba playing ‘serious’ WL anymore - My best so far is gold1(3 times) - Which i believe is decent considering my budget. 
Looking to make a fun team to enjoy for the rest of FIFA - Will be playing seasons mainly and a bit WL / SB.

Those are the teams i consider atm. Both will leave with like 500k for improvements. Which team would you go for? Also open for suggestions on totally diffrent teams.

( Struggling converting a screenshot to URL after switching to mac lol)




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