Is it bad to quit when losing and not feeling it?

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Still somewhat a newbie in first weekend league. I've only rage quit once out of 800 games as I just look to learn when getting beat, want to try to come back, and I want the coins. But with the amount of games in weekend league it seems more reasonable to if losing badly with not much chances and want to save energy to finish games and probably doing a favor to opponent whose winning too. But will EA really punish coins received and/or matchmaking if I start quitting games?


  • n2j2000
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    No it's fine. Your opponent still gets the win and can move on to their next game. Nothing to worry about here.
  • SanderFC
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    If you want to quit, disconnect with the server by testing your internet connection or by opening another application. This will give your opponent the win but won't let your players lose fitness (also red cards will disappear if you got one) + you don't need to wait until the ball goes out of play. The DNF will go down of course, but that is also when you just quit.
  • Shade98818
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    DNF is literally irrelevant. Match coins are minute in the short/long run
  • PapaJay
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    you will be matched away in fut and seasons more often due to DNF, nothing else

    edit, fut draft*
  • alanrudy
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    Thanks so much to yall for answering!
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