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I think that instead of EA just focusing on Ultimate Team they should bring in a ‘Co Op Career Mode’ where you and a friend can play together.

Like NBA 2k18 ‘ Pro AM ‘ one player will start the Career then invite a friend to it and the player who started it will be in charge of the difficulty you play against computers and the team you both start of at. This is player Career btw. When wanting to play a game you both go onto Co Op Career Mode and press the play match and you will then enter your league or cup game or whatever. It might take EA a lot to do this but whenever wanting to go on loan you can go on loan to a seperate team and proceed there and then when the season ends meet your friend back at your home club or if you both go on loan , you can both go back. Apart from this feature, Career Mode would have all the other features it normally has .

If EA could do something like this , that would be amazing.
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    Could be a bit much for online but I've always wanted a co-op/multiplayer player or manager career. Have yourself and someone else on an offline version managing 2 different teams competing for the same international coaching job, battling out in transfer windows as well as in the league or maybe different leagues, think would be a great option and doable option for offline same as player career don't see why it can't be done
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    I've been searching for a topic about this idea that i have posted years ago & never thought someone else might be really interested about the same thing.
    My friends & i always talked about this that FIFA should focus a bit & include this in COOP offline career mode.
    We are 4 & more players who really enjoys FIFA career mode, & we also saw that NB2k already has that mode where you can pick multiple teams to play with in the same career.

    That would make FIFA even more realistic, fighting for the same players, scouts, selling players to each other if we wanted to & a lot more fun we can have. instead we had to make multiple career modes with a rule that no one buys the same player in the other career modes, & we play the opposite team trying to defeat each other in every match, but this takes too long for a season to pass.

    How can we pass this to EA to see it & recognize that not everyone enjoy playing FUT & other modes.
    This is our dream mode that we need & always talked about it from years ago.
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    Some sort of that, called "Captain Your Country" offline mode was already in WC 2008 and 12 , they removed it, because I am sure they hate us.

    I even bought a PS3 only because of that !
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    This would be great. Apart from the whole co-op idea, EA really needs to step up their game with Career Mode. I have a feeling they won't this year because they will be worrying about UCL, The Journey, FUT, and possibly the Women's World Cup (but I doubt they will give much attention to it).
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