Halloween Scream Team Boosts incoming? Full Moon January 31st 2018.

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From EA's original Halloween Scream Team Article "The Ultimate Scream items “come alive” at the scariest times during the season".

The FIFA 18 Scream Team has received a Boost every time we've had a Full Moon since they were put into Packs, and a Full Moon is coming for the second time this Month on January 31st, as below:

2018 Full Moon Calendar from the Metro website: "Wolf moon/blue moon, January 31st Wolf moons occur in January, when historically people would hear wolves howling at the moon. However, this particular one is also a blue moon because it’s the second one occurring in the same month. This one will also be a lunar eclipse aka supermoon, so will be looking huge in the sky."

It could be a good chance to pick up several of them now, to put into Icon SBC's when they receive their Boosts in a few days.


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