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Glitch on Ultimate Team

Hello there EA Sports,

I wanted to report an issue when I was playing FIFA 17 and I am truly gutted about what happened. In Ultimate Team I was comparing my IF 85 Kante which I switched to a CF as a position change on the market to see what his price was, and as I backed out the selection it glitched on me and I ended up listing it on the market. Now everything was the default search parameters and someone placed a bid of 69000 coins on him and I could have sold him on for more coins had this glitch not occurred. I was wondering if I could either get my Kante back or a few thousand coins out of it as I could have sold him for at least double what he sold for. As well if you require further proof I have left him on my transfer list as sold so you can see how I am telling the truth. I am just very distraught that this glitch had to happen as I now have a missing player in my team and with about 80000 coins and with such a great player in the game missing.
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