Stumped for direction

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I broke fifa down in 2 halves this year. The first half was to get to TOTY and then the second half is the rest of fifa 18.

The goal was to stock pile as many packs as possible and hopefully pack a couple of blues, which I ultimately did (Modric and Alves) I then sold those to help fund my team. During the run to TOTY, I also completed the two primes that I coveted most of all (Bergkamp and Overmars)

Team right now is
Overmars, Suarez, Bale
Casemiro, Bergkamp, Pogba
Marcelo, Ramos, Bailly, Valencia
Schmeichel (soon to be DDG)

I honestly dont know what to do for the second half of fifa. Any suggestions as to what to do or players (icons) to work towards?
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