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Last night whilst playing on seasons mode, I experienced the most ridiculous match up I have EVER seen BY FAR! I was Rotherham Utd, a 2 star team, and FIFA decided to match me up against.... Man Utd! A 5 star team!!!!

Worse still, I am in division 8, he was in division 6..... Even worse still, I have it on restrictive so the opposition should match my level. I don't mind playing 2 and a half star teams if I am 2 star, but this is mental.

I lost the game 2-1, but dominated with far more shots and far more possession. I just struggled to score as my players were too slow and not good enough to beat De Gea.

But what the hell is going on?!?! How did this match up happen? I have never seen it before. I wish I could get the odd 2 star opposition when I am 5 star!


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    dynamic difficulty...search on google.not a fair game online.everything controlled
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    But that makes absolutely no sense. I am actually in division 7 and him in division 5 (not divisions 8 and 6 as I stated above). So that would instantly make you think he is a better player than me. His record at the time of playing me was 67 wins, 21 draws and 148 defeats. My record at the time was 13 wins, 6 draws and 5 defeats. So he is much more experienced than me too.

    Not only that, my record hardly suggests I am an amazing player. I lost 2 games in division 10 ffs!

    So, if I am to play someone two divisions higher than me, who is more experienced, it should be on the condition that I am the better team, or at least an equal one. And as I have it on restrictive, the teams should be pretty much level anyway.

    But I have never before and never since played a team 3 stars better or worse than me. And I would be amazed if anyone else has. If they have, this shows there must be a new, quite serious bug.

    If the game is levelling things out, the better, more experienced player should be the one who comes up against opponents with better teams. The other way round makes absolutely no sense.
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    Bring back match lobbies
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    Seasons in fut or normal always match you up with players two divisions over or under your current division, been like that since season became a mode, unlucky with the restrictive not being effected, sure its a 1 in a mill that happens, keep grindin buddy
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    Amicus83 wrote: »
    Bring back match lobbies

    So many good things have been removed from this game.
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